Announcing the UK's newest fishing platform!

Published 23 April 2019

We believe our website is going to be a game changer! will give you access to the 1.2 million rod license holders increasing the potential of your fishery bookings!

Owning our own fishery and campsite, we had first-hand experience of individually targeting anglers to fill the spare pegs on the lakes and found it difficult & time consuming to do! understands the importance of advertising; after all it’s a great way of attracting customers. The only downside is traditionally it’s expensive with no guarantee that throwing money at something will result in the uplift of sales revenue!
We also found that free advertising, where you just place your details without the opportunity to sell fishing, didn’t work for us either!
We looked for a booking website dedicated to the fishing community in order to sell our fishing and associated services for a small commission – frustratingly there were none!........
So, we created!
A website where fisheries can sell their spare pegs and the fishing community can advertise their businesses, a one stop fishing platform that everyone can use!

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