A perfect Easter weekend

Published 26 April 2019

A perfect Easter weekend for our first fishery to register with us at FishUp, with temperatures soaring to 24 degrees the anglers were out in force down at Oaklands Adventure. There were a lot of Carp being caught; all at different sizes. A personal best was also recorded for one lady angler on the leisure lake landing her first double figure Mirror Carp. There were experienced sponsored anglers fishing who were not disappointed either, with one landing himself a few big fish! He started off with some high end Single Figure Carp, although it wasn't long before the larger, Mirror and Common Carp started coming out with his biggest of the weekend being a lovely 14lbs 4oz Mirror Carp which had a little hole in its fin. The angler has now crowned and named this fish 'Gape' (make of that what you will!). It was also the first time an angler had caught on the specimen lake with a few Sturgeon coming out and then at 06:00 he landed himself a 16lbs 6oz Common Carp. Well done Oaklands Adventure!

At FISHUP we like to hear your stories so please register your fishery with us and share your anglers tales - it's not just fisheries we want to hear from at FishUP, we would like to share your stories with other anglers/fisheries too. For example, this is from Nick Owen, a very good angler who has earned the nickname "Nick the Fish"

"Went here yesterday with my dad and club 20's organiser for a little knock up...and it didn't disappoint.. with the water still cold and the air temperature not much warmer we all had our minds set on a negative attack. I drew peg 21 ( Island peg..Lovely.!! ), my dad drew 19 and Paul 24. I set up 2, 8ft feeder rods; one with a small ics method and the other with a small ics banjo, the plan was cool water F1 pellets and small band um on the method and Dynamite black milled expander and dead reds on the banjo. Paul set up his pole at 8 and 13 meters. 2 rigs for each area 1 rig for "shalla" and one on the "deck"...maggots long caster short. My dad Kevin set up his pole at 8m at the bottom of the shelf this was to be his maggot line 3 rigs..1 full depth 1 half depth and 1 "shalla" and a bomb rod for the middle of the lake for an 8mm pellet attack. So we are all set up and then agreed on the all in, I went with my banjo with groundbait and maggots about 2 ft off the island. Had a few casts which landed me with a few little perch but something just didn't feel right...so I decided to slip a small cage on and get a small bed of bait in my swim to see if any amount of fish would settle over it... and it also meant I could take some photos of Paul and his flying start on the maggot line...(even if he did lose a few). After getting a few snaps of Paul and my Dad I sat back on my box and chucked the banjo out again... 7mins later tip was bouncing and I lifted into what felt like a better fish and it was a 3lb skimmer..sound some fish had finally settled...how wrong was I.. 6 casts later and the tip hadn't moved..so after seeing Paul had hooked into a few good stamp carp..(4lb - 8lb) I thought let's chuck the method with pellets out to the island about 5ft to the left and a foot closer than my groundbait swim and wait...8 mins later bang to tip flew round and I picked up into something solid..6lb common..2nd cast nothing... 3rd cast sat on this for 10 mins before I picked up my phone to text the Mrs and my rod nearly flew in the lake...lifted into what felt like a decent fish and I wasn't wrong a pristine condition 11lb common...after getting off my box to take more pics and sit behind my dad who was struggling to get through the small fish on maggots and caster he finally threw the bomb out and soon put a run of 4 lovely carp together about 3 - 4lb each. I decided to stay on the pellets and be patient and this paid off having 5 more carp and putting 50lb on the scales I had won the knock up convincingly. Even though I must say I was slightly jealous of the net of roach that Paul had.. All in all a fantastic day a fantastic fishery with a lot of potential... Massive thank you to Matty and Richard for all their hard work and hospitality. We will definitely be coming back..Keep up the hard work gents."