Frequently Asked Questions

1). How do I create an account with FISHUP

Creating an account with FISHUP is easy. There are three different types of account depending on what you would like to do. 

  1. Fishery owner - ability to create your own fishery page on the FISHUP website so that users can make a booking direct
  2. Angler - general user of the website which give access to be able to book online
  3. Advertiser - Access to the backend portal where advertisers can upload their adverts to particular regions and see reports on how many clicks/views the advert has generated.

    Please follow this link: Log In / Register to register a free account

    2). How do I set up my fishery page

    Setting up your very own fishery page is FREE and EASY. Please follow this step-by-step guide on creating your page once you have registered. Step by Step Guide to Creating your Fishery page

    3). Advertising on FISHUP

    All information on our advertising can be found on this page: Advertise with FISHUP

    4). Do I need an account to make a booking 

    Yes - sign up is free and once you have an account you will be able to make a booking and leave reviews on any fisheries you have visited. 

    5). Need some help or support? 

    Please email us at support@fishup.co.uk if you have any issues with your account. 

    6). How and when will I get paid when a booking is made?

    Payment is to be handled on arrival - minus the commission fee which has automatically been deducted from the order. Fishery owners will received an order confirmation email with booking details and the price that's left to pay. The customer will also receive an email notification with booking details and price to pay on arrival.

    7). What commission do you take?

    FISHUP takes 10% deposit/commission fee of any bookings made through the website.

    8). What if I forget my password?

    If you've forgotten your password to login, you can reset this by clicking 'Forgot Your Password' button on the register/log in page. Log In / Register

    9). We are not based in the UK. How do I account for sales tax on FISHUP bookings?

    FISHUP acts as your agent (that is, the contract is between you and the customer). For businesses based outside the UK, the commission ('deposit') excludes VAT and you would be unable to reclaim sales tax on our commission. You can download an invoice for our commission from the 'Bookings' tab at the top of the manager portal. Click 'VAT invoice' and select any date period for each invoice, based on arrival date or booking date.

    Please consult your accountant for further advice on accounting for bookings through FISHUP.

    10).  How do we find out about bookings?

    FISHUP booking confirmation emails are immediately sent to the customer AND to the email address specified for your site (not the Manager's email address). Please check email regularly for last-minute bookings.

    We show all bookings in a 'Bookings' tab within your manager portal, and we automatically reduce your allocation - so you have full visibility of the remaining allocation.