About Us

How it came to be…

Like all good ideas the website was borne out of simple necessity! We wanted to find Anglers to fill our spare fishing pegs, but this came with a fair amount of frustration as we found there wasn’t a viable platform at that time to offer our spare fishing and camping availability to a wider audience!

Let us explain…

Owning our own fishery and campsite located in the beautiful Shropshire hills we were looking at how we could fill our spare fishing and camping places. Of course, we tried the usual ways to fill them eg: contacting those who had fished & camped with us before; throwing money at individual adverts etc. Although that only tended to create interest for fishing & camping at a future date and did not solve the immediate issue of booking up the spare availability on our pools & campsite! We looked to the internet to see if there was a dedicated website for the fishing community in order to sell our spare fishing and associated services – frustratingly there was nothing suitable!

We just wanted to make it so much easier for Anglers to book their next fishing trip so we created our own website www.fishup.co.uk and now everyone can benefit.

FISHUP is a website where fisheries are able to list their spare fishing and accommodation on their own dedicated page with a calendar that shows their current availability offering a simple way to book! 

No hassle, no fuss and an easy to use fishing platform, giving you a convenient way to book your next fishing trip, helping to bring the fishing community to your fingertips.

Fisheries and fishing are two sides of the same coin, both presenting completely different requirements that our website needed to accommodate. Naturally with the help of our website designers we invested a lot of time and energy into hopefully creating a straight forward and easy to use website; we guess our thought process was made easier as we have experience of both owning a fishery and as keen fishermen!

With many fisheries now offering accommodation we wanted to offer the facility to be able to book the camping and rooms at the same time as booking your fishing, turning a visit into a trip.

Like you we are passionate about fishing and we are always keen to fish somewhere new, so where will FISHUP take you?...